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Marie Wilson

Marie Wilson looks set for a big return to her home town for an energy packed acoustic show at Stay Gold, Brunswick. Her passion for live music has never wavered and her live show will absolutely blow you away.

Due to Covid-19, this Show has been postponed until further notice!

The combination of a great attitude and undeniable talent helped launch Marie Wilson’s first single ‘Next Time’ to great success. ‘Next Time’ was one of Australia’s most played songs on Australian radio back in 1998, blitzing the Top 40 charts. It earned Marie two ARIA nominations (Best Australia Debut Talent and Best New Artist) and the accolade of being chosen as Best New Australian Artist on commercial radio at the 1998 Radio Industry Awards.

“Looking back, my early songs had an innocence, or a naivety, about them, and this certainly reflects where I was in my life at the time. And during the time I wasn’t writing, I realise now that I was gaining life experience, learning lessons I probably never would have known had I not had that break. I think this life experience adds more depth and dimension to my songs.”